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Radon Resources

Radon Resources & Facts

Facts about Radon

  • Scientific evidence suggests that prolonged exposure to Radon causes lung cancer
  • Radon is linked to more than 21,000 deaths per year from lung cancer in the United States
  • Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that presents no color, odor, or taste under normal conditions
  • Radon is a product of the decay of Uranium
  • Uranium can be found in any soil type, more so in soils with granite, shale, and phosphates
  • Radon is a known Group A Carcinogen
  • Radon emanates upward through the soil and enters our homes through various entry points
  • Any home, regardless of its foundation, can contain some traceable amount of Radon
  • Because Radon is a gas that is heavier than air, it is typically found in higher concentrations in lower levels such as your basement
  • Without a properly installed radon mitigation system, Radon will concentrate in your home increasing long-term risks of lung cancer

How Radon Enter House

ArcGIS Map – Indoor Radon Risk Levels

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Radon Risk if You’ve Never Smoked

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Radon Risk if You Smoke

Radon Risk if You Smoke

EPA Citizen Guide to Radon

EPA citizen Guide to Radon

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