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Radon Testing

Radon Testing & Inspection

Radon Testing is key for home owners and potential home buyers throughout the Central Oregon region. According to the Surgeon General, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States today. The EPA estimates that radon is responsible for more nearly 21,000 lung cancer deaths per year in the United States. Radon comes from the natural decay of uranium that is found in nearly all soils. It typically moves up through the ground and into your home where it is trapped and can build up. Common entry points for Radon include your water supply, crawl space, bricks or rock walls, sump pumps or floor drains, slab joints and more. You cannot identify whether radon is present simply by looking at it because it is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas. Our certified inspectors can help identify potential radon gases that may need to be tested for conclusive results.  Utilizing specialized techniques and technology, our radon inspectors will administer radon tests and interpret the results for you to determine if your home’s radon levels pose a health risk.

Radon Testing

Don’t Risk It, Test for Radon

If you’re purchasing a new home, starting a new construction project, retrofitting a commercial building or getting ready to remodel your home, radon testing is a wise step in the overall process. Radon is harmless when natural and in the open air. But when radon gas enters into your home or building and becomes trapped, it becomes a serious safety hazard. Radon gas decays into radioactive particles which can get trapped in your lungs where they will break down further. As the radon decay products break down further, they release small bursts of energy. These bursts can damage your lung tissue and lead to lung cancer over time.

At Bend Radon, we specialize in the professional detection of radon and/or radiation in residential and commercial buildings. Specializing in the identification of radon across Central Oregon, we have the ability to properly inform you of any traces of this harmful gas in your home or business. It is our goal to ensure the safety of your family, employees, customers and yourself. We take your health and wellbeing extremely seriously. Our radon inspectors are ready to serve customers throughout Central Oregon including Bend, Redmond, Prineville, Sisters, La Pine and the surrounding area.

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